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Lincoln Road NE is a residential road in the Edgewood and Eckington neighborhoods of NE DC. This road is currently classified by DDOT as an minor arterial road, meaning that DDOT thinks of it as a thoroughfare, rather than the residential road that it truly is. This makes Lincoln Road NE extremely dangerous for our densely populated neighborhoods. Let’s change that!

Lincoln Road NE Pedestrian Safety Plan

There are three major dangers along Lincoln Road NE:

  1. Excessive speeding

  2. Inconsistent traffic patterns

  3. Blind Spots

These dangers need to be addressed immediately to prevent tragedy and loss of life. The community is calling on our ANC 5E Commissioners, elected officials, and DDOT to take this immediate action.

There are five school located along or directly off of Lincoln Road NE. That means this road has 1,800 students traveling to schools located along this route each day. We have three elementary schools: Langley ES, Harmony PCS, and Inspired Teaching, McKinley Middle and McKinley Tech High School. There are two recreation centers on Lincoln Road NE: Harry Thomas and Edgewood Rec Centers with two playgrounds, two athletic fields, and a community pool. Students, neighborhood children, and all residents who travel this road every day need it to be safe.

We are proposing straightforward, cost-effective solutions that require no heavy construction. The plan includes adding all-way stops and enhanced crosswalks all along the route, clarifying road markings, and minimal parking disruption. These plans can and must be implemented as soon as possible.



It's easy! Take a look at the plan and sign the petition to support it here:


The more support we have in the community, the more likely our elected officials will take notice and the more likely we can get DDOT to move this ahead quickly

More Ways to Help:

1. Attend the DDOT Walk Through on October 29th at noon.


2. Contact your ANC commissioner directly and let them know that you support this plan. The more they hear from us, the more likely they are to support us. If you don't know your commissioner, you can find them here.

3. Connect with us on Twitter @RoadLincoln 


We are a small group of neighbors and friends who have been complaining to each other about Lincoln Road NE for years. We're ready to do something about it. Join us!

Questions? Email us at LincolnRoadNE@gmail.com


Let us know what you think about our plan to add stop signs and enhanced crosswalks to Lincoln Road NE. And don't forget to sign the petition: https://www.change.org/LincolnRoadNE

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